The Master of Public Administration (MPAs) degree is a graduate level degree in public service, like the Master of Business Management but with a different focus on the social problems of public services and their impact on citizens and organizations. These include human services, health care, education and law enforcement.

The MPA’s degree offers the student a wide array of opportunities for public service within their community. In addition to learning how to provide social services, students may choose to take courses that focus on business administration. The master of public administration is an excellent choice because of the breadth of courses available. These include social justice, community development, government and non-government organizations, business ethics, marketing, public policy, and business law.

The MPA’s degree also allows for a personal and academic relationship with other university students and can be obtained by students with no prior experience. A variety of coursework, as well as coursework at a local community college, can be completed at a local institution of higher learning after the master’s degree program. Students can choose which options best meet their career goals.

The program for the master of public administration requires a minimum of two years of undergraduate coursework. Students will have a range of choices with this degree. They can choose a program that prepares them for public service management positions, or they can choose a more general master’s program. Students can also earn a bachelor’s degree before or after completing the master’s degree. This allows students to have their undergraduate degree count toward their master’s degree, increasing their earning power.

A master’s degree program at the University of Illinois has been designed to help students acquire the necessary skills to handle both research and teaching responsibilities associated with MPAs. Students will take courses in social justice, administration and management as well as business and law. The program includes study of law, economics, statistics and management theory. Students will also complete their coursework by participating in internships and field research programs.

The University of Arizona offers a master of public administration degree program that is geared toward working professionals who wish to advance their careers in the field of public administration. The program includes courses that prepare students for their chosen area of public administration by offering a curriculum focused on specific areas, such as law, government and management.

A master of public administration is one of the most rewarding fields in all of education, and career training, especially for those with a passion for helping others. As the demand for these public service positions grows, it is important to pursue an advanced degree so that a person can be fully prepared to take advantage of the great job opportunities in this field.

Students interested in pursuing a Master of Public Service degree should contact the schools they are considering. Schools offer different degrees and programs to fit students’ educational needs.

Some students enter a Master of Public Service program with a Bachelor’s degree. Other students may only want to add more specialized study to their bachelor’s degree while still having a broad general education. For those who wish to go beyond the basic Bachelor’s degree in public administration, a Master of Arts degree in public administration is a good choice.

An MS in public administration focuses on a specific area of public administration. Students should choose a program at an accredited institution with a proven track record of producing public service professionals. The curriculum should include courses in law, accounting, economics and managerial theory. An MS in public administration also requires a project that addresses the area that the student is working in.

An MS in public administration degree program provides graduates with a broad base of skills that can lead to employment in a variety of positions. Most graduate programs also provide internship and fieldwork opportunities for students in their chosen area. The program prepares students to work in a classroom setting that allows them to gain real world experience by interacting with students and their peers.

To learn more about the Masters of Public Administration program at the University of Illinois, call the Master of Public Administration Program Office at the University of Illinois. The program is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.