The Harvard Chan MPH is an online, community-based degree program focusing on the development of active, academic learning, as well as the acquisition of skills necessary to the practice of public service. The program is structured around career-oriented disciplines of study. Students complete a core curriculum in which they learn both clinical and basic science subjects, including public health, global development, international health and human rights, and environmental health issues.

During the classroom portion of the program, students take online courses, including introductory courses on public health. These include the Clinical Principles and Practice of Medicine, the Epidemiology and Prevention of Health Problems, the Introduction to Global Health, and a number of elective courses, each focused on a particular health concern or area of interest. At the end of the program, students must complete a project, written examination, and oral board examinations. In addition to these traditional clinical aspects of the program, students are also expected to develop their own clinical practice, which includes learning about health management and research ethics.

The focus of the clinical component of the program, which includes clinical rotations and supervised internships, is to prepare students for careers in public health care. In the clinical rotations, students learn how to provide basic, preventative health services at local clinics. They are also given the opportunity to interact with patients in their communities. Internships help students become familiar with the needs of patients, and gain practical skills to conduct research in the field. Many students choose to focus on a certain health concern, such as family medicine or sexual and reproductive health.

Human health, or health education, is the third part of the curriculum. Students complete an overview of human health, including a review of the theory of biological variation and evolution, and a history of human life and health. Human health is also covered in the course curriculum, including the development of knowledge about nutrition, child and adolescent health, and global health.

The fourth segment of the program focuses on public health issues, including social justice, health and development, and policy. Students study social justice, environmental justice, and social policy, with specific emphasis on global health and public health issues. Students are also exposed to the concepts of human rights, including civil and political rights, social justice and human development, and economic empowerment.

After completing the program, students must take courses in global health and human rights. This includes an introduction to public health at the global scale. Students are also required to complete electives that will prepare them to conduct research projects in the field, as well as a final clinical experience that examines global health practices.

All students in the MPH public health care program must also successfully pass the clinical portion of the certification exam administered by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). Each semester, the ABMS provides a clinical test and exam to assess the level of students’ competency.

The Harvard Chan University’s MPH program has been accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Public Health (JRCERH), an organization that sets the standards used by accredited programs. Students enrolled in this program are also required to participate in a practicum, which gives them real-world exposure to the field of public health and its varied problems. Many people are attracted to this career path because of the diverse opportunities it offers. The degree can open doors into rewarding positions in areas such as hospital administration, public health agencies, government health agencies, clinics, and in research laboratories.

An advanced degree in this public health care field opens the door to a number of career options. Students have the opportunity to choose between a doctorate program, which is five years; a master’s degree, which are two years; and a doctorate of nursing degree, which is four years. They may also opt to specialize in a particular area of public health care.

Students interested in the MPH program in public health care may choose to complete a thesis, which is completed in conjunction with their clinical training. The thesis focuses on a given topic. In the case of the doctoral degree program, the thesis is completed as part of a project. In most cases, students must pass a dissertation exam before they can be considered for their PhD. or DPh.

If you would like to pursue a career in public health care, you should consider enrolling in the Harvard Chan University’s program. You can complete your requirements in this area online, at no cost. No matter how many degrees you wish to earn in this field, there is never enough time to cover everything.