Some Victorian Year 10 students recently sat their very own VCE further maths exam on Thursday. However, students are reportedly complaining that a difficult, multiple choice question had been too difficult, prompting online fury. ‘A fifty pound coin has twelve sides of equal length with two faces.

Students have alleged that their student’s answer to the test had not been correct – even though it was correct in the real sense. The student claimed that her answer was wrong because the multiple choice question posed was an example, and not the full test.

Her teacher is now claiming that the student’s parents had been informed about the fact that she had not performed well on the test. However, it is reported that there was no indication to the student’s parents that she had not performed well – indeed, her parents would not have known that at all. The teacher’s comments are causing fury on the net – and students who believe they may have missed out on a good mark due to bad luck are likely to use the internet to find more answers to questions which they think will help them pass.

In the aftermath of the VCE further maths exam many students are now discussing the question of how to get help when taking the exam. In particular, many are questioning whether or not to hire for university examination. This is because they are not sure about how to approach the subject matter. They are unsure how to set the correct difficulty level and how to prepare for difficult questions, as well as how to cope with the stress of the exam itself.

So what can a pupil do if he or she does find themselves in a position where they have missed out on their VCE further maths results due to a difficult question? There are some things that you could do, but they do depend on how badly you want to succeed at the exam. For instance, if you really want to pass then it may be best to consider getting some outside help.

This can include speaking to a teacher who is particularly experienced at teaching the subject, such as a teacher at the local secondary school or grammar school – this would allow you to speak to a member of staff who could give you advice on what to expect and perhaps give you tips on how to prepare. If you cannot get this then you could look online and find a website that provides help and guidance.

When looking for outside help, you should always ask for feedback and recommendations from people who have successfully taken the exam before. A great way to get an answer to how to pass the VCE further maths exam is to join online forums that discuss the subject.

Another way of ensuring that you get a good quality material is to buy some study guides, which have good quality material that you can study on your own. Asking friends who are also taking exams can also be helpful – they could give you a great indication of how to improve upon areas you have struggled with.

It is likely that you are going to need some extra time to study if you want to achieve success. If you want to have a good grasp of the material it is important that you make sure that you spend time studying every day.

Make sure that you look at some of the other students who have already taken the exam. This will help you identify weaknesses and how to overcome them to ensure that you pass the exam. This can also allow you to practice, as there is nothing worse than having prepared properly only to find that you have been unsuccessful.

The exam itself is not easy. However, if you take a bit of time to learn and prepare you are likely to pass with flying colours.