If your school offers CLEP exams, particularly, the Common Core State Standards, check to see if they accept CLEP exam scores! If you score very well on that test, you might transmute your current Algebra knowledge into regular credits which could mean a big boost to your college credit.

The CLEP examination is multi-choice, completely multiple-choice, computer based, and made up of eighty questions you must answer in thirty minutes. Some online tests have as few as fifty questions. The average student finishes the test within seven minutes.

To be successful, a student must answer the questions correctly, without missing one. That’s easy enough for the computer to do, but how does a human being do that? If a student doesn’t answer all questions accurately, he or she will be disqualified and cannot re-take the test.

The exam must be taken during the summer before your first semester at college or university, and on the college’s first day of classes if it falls under the Common Core State Standards. However, it is not mandatory to take it. You can take it at anytime. Even so, most colleges require students to take it in order to retain their college credit.

What do you expect when taking the exam? There are no prerequisites. There are also no passing scores. Instead, students must demonstrate their knowledge of algebra by answering multiple choice questions. The questions are designed to challenge both the student’s memory and understanding skills and can range from the most elementary to the most complex of subjects.

In the multiple choice section, students are asked to choose a number between one and nine that represents how many different types of things can be combined to make a single object. An example would be, “There are four people in this room, and two of them have red hair”. This is followed by a long explanation of how these types of people came to be together. (Note: a small number of the types of people must have red hair). Students must then select what type of person they believe to be “leader” of the group and how much of the group each type of person they think should account for in the final tally.

The essay section of the test asks students to write an essay-length response to a question that requires a logical argument. This section is a bit more involved than the multiple choice portion of the exam, but is easier than it seems. For example, students are asked to “examine an issue in the context of real life scenarios, using logic and examples.” The questions ask questions like, “What would be the best way to get a child to stop arguing with a friend?” and, “Why would a teacher need to threaten an argumentative child?”

In order to be eligible to take the exam for college credit, students need to have completed their high school diploma. The college needs to verify that they have completed the high school level. If a student has completed a certain minimum number of credits or a certain number of units at a community college or technical college, then he or she may be able to take the exam. if that’s the case, there is no requirement to have a high school diploma, only a high school GPA.

Some community colleges, in particular those that offer a wide variety of majors, offer a pre-requisite to take the exam. Students need to complete a certain amount of coursework or participate in a certain amount of study in order to become eligible. These courses may include art or science courses. It’s important to check with the student’s academic adviser if the college offers this type of pre-requisite. The only way to know for sure is to ask!

Even if a community college or technical college does not require the same requirements, students should be sure to meet the minimum requirements. when taking the examination. That way, they will have better chances of passing.

Good luck on your college algebra test! Remember, you are the only one who can determine whether you will pass, so take your time. and don’t be afraid to fail.