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For further details about a tutor, such as fee schedule and payment terms, just browse through proctor’s site. The online tutoring system also includes forums where tutors from different universities and colleges can answer the queries of their students and inform them of the things that they need to do before and during the proctoru exam.

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There are certain rules and procedures that are followed by proctoru. The tutors must follow these rules so that there will be no problems during the exam.

The tutor should be in front of the student, for exam is conducted in front of them. So they should have a clear line of vision that they will not be distracted at any stage of the exam.

After the exam, the tutors can contact you or send you e-mails, so that you can tell them what exactly has happened during the exam and ask for advice or for further study. Proctors can be a good place to find some free information, tips and tricks about proctoring.