Architecture is the creative process and product of designing, planning, and building structures or buildings. Architectural works, at the basic material form such as buildings, are viewed as artistic expressions and as spiritual symbols.

Architecture is seen as having three types according to the visual perspective – the traditional, experimental, and contemporary architecture. Traditional architecture is characterized by a classical style with geometric and carpenteral forms. It has no ornamentation and it is often characterized by simple and straight lines. The main elements that are common to this type of architecture include the use of brick, stone, and wood as the main materials and the use of a simple roof structure that is made of metal. This is the type of architecture that is used in ancient ruins of temples.

Modern architecture is marked by the use of steel and other strong materials. It can also include the use of glass to give an illusion of space. This is considered one of the modern forms of architecture because of the use of the computer and other technology for its design.

Aesthetics and symbolism play an important role in architectural work. The use of colors and shapes and materials are considered to have great importance in making architectural works more beautiful. These are called architectural elements and their use is highly dependent on the overall look that an architect wants to create.

While there are many different types of architecture, there are only a few examples of each type. Some examples of architecture that are commonly used today are: historic buildings; city structures; monuments; public buildings and monuments; historical places and buildings; churches; chapels; historic palaces and gardens; commercial buildings; museums; monuments, museums, and palaces; hotels and other establishments that provide services to people. The different types of architecture vary from country to country.

Architecture refers to the process through which structures are being built or designed. The process of constructing or designing a building or a structure can be either a pre-planned construction or a construction that is carried out on a much larger scale. Many buildings in developed countries have an architect or planning committee that is responsible for this task.

Many buildings require a lot of architectural work and are built in different phases. These phases include constructing the building, constructing the foundation, the interior, the exterior, and so on. There are different types of phases that are involved in a building project such as foundation, floor plan, attic plan, basement plan, roof plan, wall plan and so on.

There are many varieties of architecture and different forms of architecture are available in various fields and they are usually classified according to different types of construction. One example is the Classical architecture, which is considered as the oldest form of architecture. The most common form of architecture is Classical Greek architecture, which was developed centuries ago. Some examples of other forms of architecture are Greek and Roman architecture. Chinese architecture and French architecture are some of the most famous forms.

In addition to this, the architectural buildings are also divided into two sections namely: residential buildings and commercial buildings. In residential buildings, they can be any kind of buildings that are used by the people for living such as houses, flats, villas, condominiums and so on.

Commercial buildings are used mainly by businesses and institutions for business purposes such as restaurants, malls, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, and so on. These commercial buildings are also classified into many different categories such as industrial buildings, office buildings, and warehouses, shopping centres, and so on.

Modern architecture is one of the most popular forms of architecture. It is known to be the most contemporary form of architecture because of its use of materials, its use of different architectural styles and the latest trends that have come up since the earlier time.

As the world gets more modernized, the use of modern architecture is expected to grow. However, the traditional forms of architecture are still used to some extent.