An online MBA Capstone course, also called the Executive MBA, is designed for recent graduates who are planning to enter the executive field. The curriculum has similarities with that of a traditional MBA, but it is more flexible and allows students to complete the program at their own pace and on their own time.

The curriculum of an online MBA is the same as that of an MBA from a traditional university. The course consists of six to twelve credit hours, depending on the university, for students with a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher learning. Students with no bachelor’s degree from such an institution will have to complete up to sixteen additional credit hours in foundational coursework. All the other requirements of an accredited university apply to an online MBA.

One of the major differences between an MBA on campus and an online MBA is the availability of professors, especially those with experience in the field. Some professors may be unfamiliar with the field or may not have enough resources to teach the courses. The professor might also be a different faculty than the one taught in the traditional setting.

Online MBA Capstone courses are usually offered by non-profit institutions that are accredited by the AACSB. Other universities and colleges offer capstone programs, but the requirements are usually far less rigorous than those for a traditional degree. A student will have to take the same courses as he or she would take at a traditional college, but they will not have the full college experience.

A traditional MBA, with the capstone, consists of twelve to twenty-four hours. This includes a basic core course, which should include an introduction to business and leadership, a thorough understanding of the field, financial management, human resources, marketing, business law and ethics, managerial skills, and marketing strategies. The student also must take a comprehensive examination.

The curriculum of an online MBA consists of around the same number of hours. Students do not need to complete the same amount of time, and can finish the study more quickly, depending on how quickly they want to complete the course. Courses online will generally have the same requirements as a traditional MBA.

Because an online MBA is so flexible, students may have opportunities for an extra study on their schedule while working. In fact, many students choose to work while studying. They will not need to work towards a degree because they completed the coursework as fast as possible. They will also have the flexibility to move from school to school and university without having to go back to school for an MBA or a different graduate degree.

In some cases, a student may find a degree through an accredited institution that offers an online MBA but does not require a minimum GPA or completion of all the required credits. Students who are interested in an online program should investigate all options, including both traditional and online institutions, to find the most appropriate option for them.

Students will want to check with their advisor or academic adviser about which online MBA program will best fit their needs. They will want to know what type of credits they will have to complete, if any. It is important to determine what they can afford to pay for the course and to ensure that they can work on it in the time frame they set for it.

Most students will find that an online MBA program will have a significantly lower tuition cost than a traditional degree, although not necessarily eliminated. Students should find out what their specific program requirements are before committing to any program.

The length of time required to finish an online MBA depends on the student. Students who decide to take longer courses than others may have to complete more than six years in order to finish the degree. If the online program is shorter than expected, the student will need to be able to support themselves for the time before they graduate.

It is important for students to consider what they will be able to work on during the time they are studying an online MBA. Some programs require students to work full time to finish the course, others offer evening and weekend classes, and some allow the students to attend evening classes with other students who have the same goals.