In high school and college, there is always the need to master more advanced algebra. This is why many people look into college courses like AP Calculus, GED Calculus or University Pre Calculus. College exams in these classes include both college level tests like the College Admissions Test (also known as ACT) and also high school level tests like the SAT or ACT.

College Calculus CLEP. The college Calculus CLEP test covers material commonly taught in an academic one-year college course. High school Calculus 2 typically covers this same material but usually stretches it over a full four-year college course.

High school Calculus 2 typically covers concepts of linear equations, calculus series, partial differential equations, and quadratic equations. A student can rapidly accelerate his or her first two years in college by taking Calculus CLEP as their final examination for all the subjects they have been studying in high school. This will give them the skills they need to enter college and prepare for college-level courses.

College Calculus. The college Calculus exam is more difficult than the high school exam. It requires students to learn much more than just linear algebra and trigonometry.

In college Calculus, students will have to learn about infinite numbers and also about complex numbers. They will have to use complex functions and integrate multiple variables over time. The college Calculus CLEP is not only a test of linear algebra and trigonometry, but it also tests the understanding of how to solve for multiple variables.

College Calculus CLEP is also a test of solving for multiple variables using a spreadsheet. In fact, many college Calculus students prefer to use a spreadsheet to keep track of their progress and to show the improvement they’ve made.

College Calculus CLEP is also a test of solving for unknowns like polynomials, derivatives, and identities (such as addition, subtraction, and division). In this part of the exam, students will need to know how to evaluate and compare the unknown values.

Students should be sure to prepare for their college and university level test of algebra, because it will likely be a long test and will be much more advanced than the ones taken in school. Since there are so many different topics in college Calculus, it is crucial that students are prepared when taking this exam.

Students should also practice Calculus on their own, with no extra help from a tutor or Math courses in high school. They should also understand that it may take more time to complete a Calculus CLEP exam than a standard college test.

At the very least, students in high school should know the basics of algebra before they go on to Calculus. They should learn how to solve for unknowns and integrate multiple variables.

Most college exams will cover all the topics that a standard high school exam covers but may be more difficult or include more topics. In general, college Calculus exams cover more than just linear equations and trigonometry. They also include advanced calculus concepts like Taylor series, complex functions, quadratic equations, and other algebraic equations.

Many professors give high school Calculus tests as part of a syllabus for students in college. Some teachers will also give them out in the first semester or as a part of the first semester’s test. However, students should always look for college professors who are able to give them an accurate grade.

Finally, remember that a high college Calculus CLEP score will not guarantee a good college GPA. In fact, some professors may even raise the grades of students who take the test more than other students.