General physics, also known as the theory of special relativity, is the theory of gravity first described by Albert Einstein in 1916 and has been the basis for all subsequent descriptions of gravity in physics. It is a very powerful and interesting subject to study and some people find it a little boring, but it is very important.

In general relativity there are two types of gravity, one that is called gravitational attraction and another called the curvature of space time known as special relativity. There are also many different types of action at a distance, some of which are discussed here.

Einstein came up with two main theories to describe this subject, the general theory and the special theory. The first is a general theory based on quantum mechanics and the second is a special theory. Quantum mechanics explains the way information can be passed from one particle to another through sub-atomic particles. This information is not able to be measured or observed directly so it is also referred to as “virtual”virtual.”

General relativity was first proposed by Einstein and it describes gravity on the large scale by using the principles of quantum mechanics, and the laws of relativity that deal with the speed of light and other things. Einstein predicted that it would be possible for the speed of light to change and that in effect the universe would expand and contract.

General relativity has changed how people view the universe, it’s still a bit abstract but now people have accepted that gravity affects everything. They also know that time and space are just illusions that we create and that in reality there is no space or time.

One thing that has been discovered is that the universe is expanding at the same rate that Einstein predicted. Another is that when you put a clock in front of a telescope, if it is moving faster than the speed of light, the clock will appear to be slowing down. This happens because the clock is in a state of space. Time is always traveling faster than space and this is what creates what Einstein termed as space-time distortion.

A great example of this is when you see stars going out to space, this is due to General Relativity and what happens is that they are pulled apart as time passes. The Earth and the stars are pulled into the gravitational pull of the sun’s gravity, then this pulls space-time further into itself creating a distortion of time that we observe when we watch the night sky from space. This is referred to as a wormhole.

There are several different theories that deal with the nature of gravity, there are more being created every year that describe the nature of the forces that interact between objects. It is important to understand the science behind these theories in order to give you a better understanding of gravity.

There is also the idea that time is a wave and this theory comes from General Relativity. When you take the two different clocks, the second one will slow down and the one that is ticking in the future will speed up. If you go back in time by one million years, the second clock will be speeding up, as if you were travelling faster than the speed of light, this is because the second clock is going faster than the rest of the universe.

Now this can all be explained in terms of General Relativity, there is no doubt that this is the most widely accepted theory of how time and space work. and it also applies to the universe as a whole. In addition, it shows that our entire universe is part of a larger whole.

There are many more theories that have been created since General Relativity, some theories still have not been accepted by all the scientists, others have had significant changes. This is a very complicated and vast area of science that scientists are only beginning to unravel and understand.

If there is a big question, what happens after we die, it is still one that needs to be answered. We have to wait to see what happens next. It has been said that time is still running, as if it is a river or something that is always running and will continue to run until there is no more room for space and time in the universe. In a sense this is true, but for the most part we will still have the same life.