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An example of a good college entrance examination essay is the following: “A college entrance examination for admissions is often tough and even the most intelligent and experienced can fall flat during this particular exam. Students need to be prepared for this sort of exam to get through it.” That is an interesting example of an essay, right? It is written in an interesting manner, and it explains the purpose of the exam with clear words. The author was able to use the words “college admission exam” and he included in his essay a detailed explanation of what this exam is all about.

In a similar way, another good essay will be about a university admission into a certain university. And you should not forget to add some examples and explaining of other types of admissions. You should include a good introduction about yourself, and then the summary about your career goals and achievements. Then, a conclusion about your future career goals and achievements. This is a good example of an essay, but it has some flaws as well.

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