The CLEP College Calculus exam is entirely multiple choice, computer-based, and consists of ninety questions you have to answer within an hour and a half. Not all of them count towards your score. The exam can be quite time-consuming, is no longer the way to get a good grade on this exam. These are some tips that can help you get a better grade on the exam.

Make sure you are prepared before taking the exam. Many students will find it hard to concentrate at first when they are given multiple choice questions. It’s important to keep your mind focused on the exam so you can answer the questions correctly. Don’t worry, this is something you will have to do and soon enough, your concentration will start to improve. Your brain doesn’t really care if it gets a lot of math work done or not.

You should also try to keep your answers short and to the point. Long essays filled with complicated concepts and terms are not the type of answer you want when you are asked to give an answer on an algebra exam. Keep things simple and stick with the question and don’t go over the allotted time.

It’s a good idea to get a calculator before going to the exam. This will make it a lot easier to figure out how much you will need to get your grade if you need to take a calculator along.

Don’t take a test before studying. If you have time to prepare for an exam, do so now. The more time you put in the better your results will be. The only exception is if you are taking the CLEP exam for the first time, you can take some practice tests before taking the actual test to see how much you know.

If you have any questions about the test or how to solve problems, ask a counselor, professor, or teacher for help. There are many resources you can use to learn the exam. Even though your instructor will have already answered most questions that come to your mind, it may be helpful to talk to someone else.

Exams are no fun. That’s just the truth. You shouldn’t feel like an athlete or student who can’t get through the test because they are too difficult. If you feel that way about any exam, think of it like this.

When you fail to pass the test, then you should look at yourself in the mirror. And tell yourself how badly you want to pass the test so you will be motivated to do what it takes to get a better grade.

Don’t forget to stay in touch with your teachers. Most instructors allow students to ask questions about the test or the problems they are having. If you have any questions about what you are doing or how to go about the problem, make sure you ask your teacher right away.

When taking an algebra exam, make sure to write down what the problem is and what solution you are looking for. Write the problem down, title it, and then the name of the answer. and type the answer. Write down every question, and answer and try to complete your homework or problem before getting up to do homework.

Get a good night’s sleep. I’m not saying you have to sleep the night before the exam, but you should be able to fall asleep before the exam.

Practice your skills. If you want to succeed on an exam, practice as many times as possible.