SPSSS Software. SPSSS is an open source statistical software package developed by IBM. IT Services, Inc., a corporation based in Anchorage, has negotiated an exclusive SPSSS Licensing Agreement for University of Alaska campuses to be able to offer SPSSS products to UAF Anchorage and Kenai Peninsula College students, Alaskan Community College students, University of the Arctic and Mat-Su College as well as University of Alaska Southeast students.

The open source SPSSS is intended to enhance the academic community. The software is a user friendly, web-based statistical distribution tool that is free for students to download from its website.

Students can take advantage of the software to create statistical distributions and spreadsheets for the purpose of analysis and research. They can also use the software for generating statistical tables and graphs. Students can obtain the software at no cost by registering with IT Services. IT Services will help students find and select the software according to their needs.

As a result of the open source SPSSS software package, IT Services is working with universities that offer coursework related to the field of statistics and the development of new courses. IT Services will provide training and consulting for these courses in order for students to effectively learn this software. IT Services’ goal is to help universities develop an academic community that is dependent on the use of information technology.

There are many companies and software packages that are offering free software in the market today. Many students are becoming discouraged when they discover that they have to pay to download the free software. The open source SPSSS is completely free of cost, but many companies do not offer a free service because the cost of maintaining the software is too high.

To avoid this situation, IT Services is developing the SPSSS open source software. IT Services’ mission is to make it easy for students to obtain data and information that can be used to analyze and interpret statistical data. IT Services’ philosophy is to help students make the most out of their money while not compromising their education.

IT Services’ goal is to make it easy for students to obtain and use open source software for research or for their data and information related projects. IT Services offers open source programs that are created by professors and students. The open source packages are easy to install and use.

IT Services makes it possible for students to get the information they need and then can use it to solve problems in their fields by making use of the open source software that they obtained. IT Services offers a variety of open source products including statistical distributions and spreadsheets and software applications that are available for students to download for free.

IT Services also provides information and support about the free software that is available to students and faculty. The information and support provided by IT Services help students make the most out of their financial resources.

IT Services offers several web sites that provide detailed information on the software that is offered by IT Services. They also give students access to free trial versions and technical support that can help them determine if they want to purchase the software.

The Open Source Software, or SPSSS, is a powerful program designed to give students the ability to create and share their own reports. It also helps students learn how to analyze and interpret statistical data.

IT Services will help students become better statisticians and instructors through the use of the SPSSS open source software. IT Services is developing and marketing the SPSSS to help create better solutions for students and educators.