Architecture is an art form that has a lot of applications in various fields. An architect is someone who plans, directs and supervises the construction of various structures. To practice architecture implies to give services in relation to the design and building of the structure and space around the structures which have human occupancy and use as the main purpose.

While designing the structures, architects try to consider certain areas of importance while planning for the structure. A large number of people practice this art form all over the world. They are specialized in all aspects of architecture including architectural drawing, drafting, building plans and architectural design.

This art form is generally related to civil and structural engineering field. Architectural drawings show the various stages of the structures from the beginning of construction to the end of the structure and space planning. Drawing helps to create a good picture of the structure and its functionality.

It helps to visualize the overall look of the structure and it also helps to see how the entire construction process has been carried out. The architect works closely with the client to come up with a well planned structure. It also helps to create a realistic design plan and to create a blueprint to be followed in the construction process.

Architectural drawings include various types of drawings like architectural plans, drawings and blue prints and structural engineering drawings, structural engineering plans, architectural drawings and drawing models. All these different types of drawings are used in making a structural plan of the proposed structure.

Drawing shows the whole construction process from the beginning of construction till the end of the structure. Drawing helps to give an idea of how the whole construction process will be carried out. Drawing also provides an idea of the size and shape of the structure. It is helpful in making a plan of building to make sure that the construction can be carried out without any damage to the environment.

Drawing allows you to know the total cost of the entire construction and how much money has to be spent on the structure and on the materials. Drawing also gives an idea about the time taken by the entire construction.

Drawing and drafting also helps to understand the overall shape and size of the structure. it helps to know if the construction can be carried out with minimal or no material damages. There are different types of architectural drawings available which help to know about the material used in construction, the type of construction involved and also about the cost of construction.

An architect will be able to tell the total cost of the construction project and will be able to inform the cost of material used in the construction of structure. This type of drawing will help to ensure that there is proper use of material. It will also help to reduce the waste of material. In fact, most of the materials are not used in the construction process if it is not necessary because they are of low cost or if they are not used for a particular purpose.

Drawing and drafting also helps to know the budget and the time it takes for the construction of the structure. Drawing and drafting also helps to know the exact position of the building so that the structural engineer can be able to understand the best location of the foundation.

Drawing and drafting also helps to understand the construction costs better. It will help to understand how much material is required to build the structure and how much time and money are required for making a structure. This is important so that the project can be carried out in the required time. Drawing and drafting will help to decide how much time is necessary for maintenance of the structure after the completion of construction.

An architect draws and drafts the plans of the building so that he/she knows the material that needs to be used in making the building. An architect also sketches the plan so that he/she can understand how the construction will be carried out in the best possible way.

Drawings and drafts also help to understand the overall appearance of the building. This means that architects get to show the complete design of the building before the construction begins. They will know about the type of windows, doors, roof, windowsills and other accessories.