I’m so surprised with how few people really understand the fundamental elements of online marketing. Perhaps they just don’t recall from their recent MBA classes, they didn’t take these classes in their undergraduate days, or the information is just a little rusty. Just as much as everyone wants to leap to cutting edge digital marketing plans and modern internet marketing tactics, you have to learn the basics of value proposition, pricing, segmentation and customer dynamics first. After all, without these three key concepts, you won’t be able to really do anything.

When it comes to marketing, your business isn’t a small business. You have to go through the same market research and analytics that the big businesses go through. So make sure that your marketing class includes market segmentation, price analysis and consumer data collection.

Market Segmentation This is where you analyze your market, know how to find out who they are, and what they want. For instance, your market may consist of mothers of newborn babies, men that are in the military, teens, middle aged men, college students, and retirees. All these segments have something that others don’t: demand. They’re not in need of what you offer.

Now, with market segmentation, the next step is to price analysis. To know what your competitors are selling, look at their prices, product offerings and features. Once you know their prices, what features are included, and how many features cost you should have a good idea what to charge them for. Remember, this is the one and only thing that determine whether your customers will buy from you or not.

Pricing Analysis The next step is the pricing aspect of marketing. If you can know what your competition is charging, what your product is selling, and what each of these products have to offer, then you can start to develop your own pricing model. This is very important because it gives you a chance to establish your competitive advantage and brand image and to your consumers.

Customer Data Collection Once you have all the pricing and segmentation done, it’s time for data collection. This is where the real work begins. and it’s where you’ll be able to determine which ones are more likely to convert into customers and which ones aren’t. and which ones will have a harder time converting. and who are your competitors.

After collecting your data, review it thoroughly and do market research on your competitors’ sites, and conduct focus groups with your market to find out what their strengths and weaknesses are. Find out what their customers really want. Determine how you can provide them what they want and make your product better. You want to create an environment where your customers don’t have to be disappointed. Find out their needs, preferences, fears and challenges.

Once you’ve done all these things, you have a solid foundation to build on when it comes to marketing. And if done correctly, it can transform your business and make you a successful online entrepreneur. So learn your lessons from the master marketer and be a marketer. Do it right, and you’ll get what you’ve always dreamed of.

Marketing class. Marketing is a powerful tool in business but only as effective as the knowledge you have when you’re dealing with your customers and potential customers.

Make sure that when you take the marketing class, you study the subject matter and make yourself the best and most knowledgeable marketer you can be so that you can lead your online business to success. In other words, you should master it and then take advantage of it when you’re ready to use it.

You can take classes and receive a certificate of completion. that will allow you to walk away knowing exactly what to do to succeed in online business.