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Trying to make videos for beginners You cannot make videos for people who require more than basic editing tools. You must know how to make videos. Here are some tutorials for beginners. Get started with this video. I have no experience editing video or video editing. I am just looking to try out a new editing tool, or maybe I should try out some editing tools. Please feel free to ask me about it. There are some tutorials. I will look into them all. You will get your videos hands-on by clicking the links below. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. Please feel free to send me your feedback. -Kathie Thank You I am a small-to-medium-sized IT guy with 14 years of experience in online technology. I have written this blog for my free time. I am looking for a video editing editor. Please feel Free to ask me for help. I am a very experienced video editing editor and I have used many different edit tools. I would be very happy to help you. Please feel Free to send me some feedback. -Kathy Hello, I am fresh from my C course and I have been following your blog for the past month.

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