A Project Management Practitioner (PMP) has the chance to take the exam for a new certification and it is very important for the aspirant in order to do well on this exam. The five Module Certification (MCP) test is based on both the ten Test of Proficiency (TPR) and the five Test of Executive Proficiency (TEEP).

The ten TPR consists of twelve questions which have to be answered under the following sub categories: Planning and Design; Management; Business Case; Performance and Financial Analysis; Reporting and Data Analysis; Strategy; Problem Solving and Analysis; and Results. The five test of executive proficiency consist of six questions which include: Project Control, Leadership and Management; Information Technology; Strategy Planning and Development; and Project Finance and Accounting. A Project Management Practitioner (PMP) must pass all the test areas in order to become a certified.

To pass the test, an aspirant has to follow the same pattern and strategies that are applicable in the other project management exams on certification. The questions on the project management certification exam must be designed in such a way that they can be easily understood by the applicants.

There are different study guides available that would help the aspirants to understand the questions properly. There are also self-study guides that would help the aspirants to prepare themselves properly for taking the test.

There are different practice tests that are available online that would help the aspirants to study properly and make the best use of their study materials. There are also mock exams that are available online which would provide the aspirants with the necessary practice before taking the actual exam. There are also mock exams on different formats that are available online.

There are also online forums that provide a forum where all the project managers who have passed their Project Management exams come together. They interact with each other and share their experiences that they had in taking the examination. In this forum, they would discuss the different aspects of the exam and share their views and ideas.

There are different books and study guides available online, which can be used by the aspirants to study effectively for the project management certification exam. They can read through these books in order to gain complete knowledge and information about the exam. They should keep in mind that no matter how much study they do the test will always pose a problem to them.

Therefore, they should ensure that their efforts are put into taking the exam and not just study it. The test is a tough one but the knowledge gained in preparing themselves to take it can make the difference between success and failure in the project management field.

There are different sources and forums from where you can get the project management exam questions that you want to prepare for. There are also sample questions on the internet that are available for free. These sample questions may give you some idea about the kind of questions that would be appearing in the exam.

However, the best source from where you can get the best knowledge on the project management exam is the internet. There are many sites that provide you with detailed information about the project management certification exam and the questions that you would be asked during the exam.

There are also several companies that provide the study materials and tools that you need to study effectively. They will provide you with a number of sample question papers, guides, practice exam and study materials for the examination.

There are many people who are working in the field of project management and have their hands on the important part time jobs. They are also aware of the various projects that are going on in the world and these people also provide useful information regarding the job responsibilities of the professionals involved in the field of project management.