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To prepare yourself in preparation for DSSP exam, you need to create a study plan as well as a practice test. It is important to focus on only one subject so that you do not become distracted and you can concentrate your mind on one topic for better results.

For example, there are different subjects of study which cover the career area. You can include one topic in your study list and study them all at the same time, while you can also choose another topic for the other part of your study.

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This will allow you to learn different subjects at the same time without having to waste time. For example, you can choose the first part of DSSP and study that one topic. Then, you can proceed to the second part and do that one as well and finally the last part, if any.

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You should start studying with the material which has the required amount of time for each section and should be the appropriate study material. You can find different types of materials in the library and you can read the material and apply the concepts to your career.

In addition to this, you can make use of books available in the library which are designed specifically for DSSP. You can also refer to the website of the company offering the course. and you can get more details regarding their materials, which can help you study for your exam.

There are many websites offering the course and you can start your preparation from there. All you need to do is to start your preparation in this way so that you can be able to master the concepts of DSSP.